Below is a showcase of work made during Technobabble clubs and workshops.
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Making custom controllers using Makey Makeys and office supplies in the Brooklyn School Library.  On display is a pencil drawn controller for Scratch, two staple guns controlling a game, some scissors controlling a platformer game and a stool being kicked as a bass drum.

A Mesoamerican pyramid built with students in 40 minutes using Minetest

Mesoamerican pyramid built with students in 40 minutes using Minetest

Making looping animated gifs from YouTube videos using Gifcam.

A font made at Te Aro School.

A font made at Te Aro School.

Our electronic music based Holiday Programme. Check out the mixing and the song the crew made. They also got to talk on air with the Radioactive DJs.

Two Maori Legends and a trip through our solar system by Year 3 students at Te Aro School.

Little Monster by alanpt on Sketchfab

Martian Fartin' by alanpt on Sketchfab

Soul Stealer by alanpt on Sketchfab

Horned Bunny From Mars by alanpt on Sketchfab

Late night coding buddy.

Late night coding buddy.

Trailer from second week of holiday programme.

Trailer made during first week of holiday programme.